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Down Low: Week 3: Day 1


Sunset over the metro lines


For a tree to become tall it must grow tough roots among the rocks.” – A classic picture hiding in plain sight at the India Gate circle.  Wonder how many have noticed this?


An unlikely sight on Delhi roads!  What’s worse is, it sits there catching dust! Cross this little beauty every day to work.

Night: Day 6


Night: Day 5 (Pic 3)

ImageIt’s true, God is everywhere!

Night Day 4 (Pic 4)

ImageNight Day 4 (Pic 4)

“बड़े बड़ाई न करें, बड़े न बोले बोल,
रहिमन हीरा कब कहे, लख टका मेरो मोल.

“The truly great never reveal their worth. Nor do those who are truly worthy of praise, praise themselves. Says Rahim, when does a diamond reveals its value.”


the Capital


Standing Sentinel

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