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Ganesh Paan Waala

This image pretty much sums up what this shop is! A brilliant idea! I don’t know one smoker friend of mine who hasn’t called me up late at night and said, “let’s go get a smoke”.  This genius of a person capitalized on that thought BRILLIANTLY!


Located in Sector 18, he set up shop right in the heart of NOIDA night life, to add to it, next to a fantastic roll waala to add to his customer base almost every drunk party go-er out to get a mid night snack after a night out.  This popular panwadi is open all night, I have personally seen it open at 6:00 a.m. as well.


A popular product of GPS is this coated cigarette he sells.  Being a non-smoker I have no idea what it’s called but it surely is a popular one among the night crowd!  People say “it gives you a different type of hit”Image

That being said, a huge variety of PAN is also offered at this shop.

This personally was what caught my attention.  With a mother who loves her meetha paan, I have had paan from quite a few shops, but this guy deserves a special mention.  Do make sure you ask him to make it fresh though, if he pulls out one of those pre-packed paans of this, you will come running after me! Image


Just like the cigarettes, GPS also boasts of a wide range of Paans.  Must put it in my list of things to try! Though I can vouch for the chocolate Paan. Do give it a try!

Last but not least, fan of the hookah? Your one stop shop for all things that smoke!


Ganesh Paan Shop!


And don’t forget…..



This week I decided to set the theme to be something a bit more fun. May not be the best idea for photography, but then not necessary that a 600 pound camera be used only to make things look pretty for no reason (Though I will still try and make things look pretty)

This week’s theme is night food, food stalls that offer a quick tasty bite that doesn’t really intend on burning a hole in your pocket! Oh also, places that open up after the average kitchen shuts down.  This week, I’m limiting myself to NOIDA.

(Sorry for the blurred picture, using a lens with a very naughty focus ring)

This little road side thela, popularly known as Ch-cha’s amongst my friend circle (for obvious reasons because of the guy on the left), is the perfect place to head to in the night if you are looking for a quick snack. With New Delhi towards your back, if you take a left from Rajnigandha chowk (Above the underpass) and drive towards the Sector 16 car market, about 1 km down the road you will see this well lit stall just standing there waiting for you next to the bus stop.

As evident from the picture above, not only is this the perfect place to get your regular stock of late night cigarettes, the foul mouth freshener stuff and bhujia and chips etc, he also offers a variety of other things.    My limited knowledge of his popular menu…Anda-Bread (with butter) – Rs. 25
Anda-Bread (without butter) – Rs. 20
Bun-Maska (Tava toasted bread) – Rs. 15 (if i’m not wrong)
The most delicious Maggie Masala – Rs. 25

I’m sure he has more to offer, but these are the things I know he serves. Of course, no late night meal is complete without some of the below is it?

So next time you hungry, give this place a try.  All you gotta do is drive up to him…

… roll down your window place your order and there comes the bearded man with your delicious mid-night snack!

Please do drop me a line with great places that you might know about in NOIDA to grab a late, cheap and delicious bite! Sharing is caring!

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