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Same Castle, new day, new angle.  This was my temporary office location! 😀

Expressions: Day 7


You caption this! I’m baffled by the expression.

Baby Boy Veer Vitabhay Khurana! Image

Sleepy Much?

Expressions: Day 5


Awkward, excited, distracted!

Expressions: Day 1 (Pic 4)


The Girl Child.


The girl behind the grill – Caption it?

Last week’s theme taught me a lot, this week, I’ve decided to make expressions the theme behind all pictures.

I’m sure this week is going to be equally educative and fun filled!

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as last week! Thank you for all the feedback! I start with a picture of my new born nephew, our latest bundle of Joy from Keshvi and Ambuj 🙂


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