Noida Night food: week 4: day2


Ganesh Paan Waala

This image pretty much sums up what this shop is! A brilliant idea! I don’t know one smoker friend of mine who hasn’t called me up late at night and said, “let’s go get a smoke”.  This genius of a person capitalized on that thought BRILLIANTLY!


Located in Sector 18, he set up shop right in the heart of NOIDA night life, to add to it, next to a fantastic roll waala to add to his customer base almost every drunk party go-er out to get a mid night snack after a night out.  This popular panwadi is open all night, I have personally seen it open at 6:00 a.m. as well.


A popular product of GPS is this coated cigarette he sells.  Being a non-smoker I have no idea what it’s called but it surely is a popular one among the night crowd!  People say “it gives you a different type of hit”Image

That being said, a huge variety of PAN is also offered at this shop.

This personally was what caught my attention.  With a mother who loves her meetha paan, I have had paan from quite a few shops, but this guy deserves a special mention.  Do make sure you ask him to make it fresh though, if he pulls out one of those pre-packed paans of this, you will come running after me! Image


Just like the cigarettes, GPS also boasts of a wide range of Paans.  Must put it in my list of things to try! Though I can vouch for the chocolate Paan. Do give it a try!

Last but not least, fan of the hookah? Your one stop shop for all things that smoke!


Ganesh Paan Shop!


And don’t forget…..



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