Not taking anything away from all the fun I have had driving around delhi at night clicking pictures, this image has to be the most fun I have had this past week with my camera, mainly to see my friend Anaheeta (the model here) running around left and right, zig zag, around the camera to try and achieve this ghost effect.

I dont think we finally achieved what we were trying for but this was as close as we could get! The original idea was my friend / photography partner Naina’s.  Her idea was to have Anaheeta stand in one position for a few seconds, and then run around camera and come and stop slight in a different position, giving a sort of a ‘flash – the superhero’ effect.

The Result :     

Not quite what we were expecting, but it encouraged us on! Infact for this one, I pulled up my car right behind the camera, and we used to car’s headlights as a make shift flash! one of those days when u wish you were super rich and could buy anything on a whim! *sigh*

Not to be discouraged we went for a longer and zig zaggy take 2! 😀

This was more encouraging! looks kinda cool too .. but I felt that the headlight was a bit much, plus we already got this shot.  Time to rip out the ol’ cell phone torch!

Nop! After going back to the car headlights and getting an absolutely over exposed image, we came back to the cell phone flash. 

Didnt work! But we wouldn’t give up! This time around, We increased the f-stops, lowered the shutter speed and asked Ana to run fast and stand stiller! Oh and also, between each of her positions, my hand was blocking the shutter! 😀  I think we were all satisfied with the picture, also by now Anaheeta was cranky and was on a loop saying “Rikhil! I want to go home! Rikhil I want to go home!”

Anyone got any ideas on how we can improve on this one the next time? I am sure my model and pretty assistant are rearing to have another go at it! Not to mention my scary cool friend Kalia! He no need no Ghost effects! He got the looks baby!